Become a Quantitative Analyst / Data Scientist for InfoTrie:


  • Analyze and draw insights from financial data, structured and unstructured
  • Research and develop new data mining, text mining algorithms and models
  • Improve existing algorithms and models
  • Where possible, write papers describing novel work


  • Basic knowledge of finance
  • Experience with scripting languages: R, Python
  • Relational database and SQL
  • Linux shell programming: pipes, redirection, process control, etc.
  • Statistical and time series analysis
  • Machine learning: regression (lasso, ridge, principal component, etc.), clustering, SVM, Neural Nets, etc.
  • Regular expressions and text mining techniques
  • Effective communication skill and ability of independent study and research

Desirable skills:

  • Java, Perl, Scala
  • Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Kafka
  • NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Time Series DB, Redis
  • Distributed search engine: Solr, Elasticsearch
  • Multiple languages (other than English) capability

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