Technological Partners

Microsoft Bizspark

The Microsoft for Startups is a unique program designed to accelerate growth-stage startups who have a product in market (Seed and Series A) who work with enterprise customers. In addition to technology access, the program provides dedicated resources to prepare startup marketing and sales teams to effectively sell with Microsoft’s global sales organization and partner ecosystem.


Invoxis aims to make textual information meaningful and actionable at an affordable price. They recognize that 80% of the world’s knowledge is contained in text format and that text analytics allows for deeper understanding of these sources of knowledge.

Invoxis utilizes syntactic formal grammar-based analysis to identify generic linguistic elements. Semantic analysis then combines underspecified elements to produce all possible meanings. Further analysis is then conducted to determine the elements that should be retained. Users can thus, draw relationships between the words used and use that knowledge to their benefit.

Data Partners


Dawex is a leading data exchange technology company and the operator of the largest global data marketplace. With Dawex technology organizations orchestrate data circulation by sourcing, monetizing and exchanging data directly without intermediary, securely, efficiently and in full compliance with regulations leveraging the blockchain technology to ensure the integrity of licensing contracts.



Algorithmia was born in 2013 with the goal of advancing the art of algorithm development, discovery and use. As developers ourselves we believe that given the right tools the possibilities for innovation and discovery are limitless.


The Neudata team and its global data-scouting network is at the forefront of data innovation, helping fund managers and quant strategists with new or alternative data and research.



Quandl Financial and Economic Data. Quandl is the easiest way to find, use and share numerical data. Search millions of datasets. Instantly download, graph, share or access via API.


Kong makes connecting APIs and microservices across today’s hybrid, multi-cloud environments easier and faster than ever. We power trillions of API transactions for leading organizations globally through our end-to-end API platform.

Eagle Alpha

Eagle Alpha is the leading provider of insights from the Web to Wall Street. These insights are delivered through Research Reports, Online Tools and a Data Platform.

Other Partners



From their founding by Dr. Bernard Lee in Singapore in April 2010, HedgeSPA (Hedge Funds and Sophisticated Products Advisors) has quickly gained global recognition as a provider of state-of-the-art investment analytics. HedgeSPA has received generous support from numerous Singapore institutions, including the Prime Minister’s Office (National Research Foundation) and the Standards, Productivity And Innovation Board (SPRING).

During the Financial Crisis, the financial press reported that certain widely used commercial investment analytics platforms provided estimates that were off by as much as an order of magnitude. Sophisticated, accurate models were available, but they were heavily guarded by the largest investment managers as “proprietary” applications and too expensive for most wealth advisors or investment managers to build on their own.

In this environment, HedgeSPA was founded to offer all investment professionals an affordable, state-of-the-art solution developed by a team of seasoned industry professionals using award-winning technologies. Our innovative cloud-based business model allows many investors to effectively share the steep cost of building and operating such sophisticated models. In doing so, we aim to “democratize” the access to high-end investment analytics and bring such trusted analytics directly to our target end-users.

Live Squawk


Live Squawk is an audio news service for traders, brokers and other professionals who need up-to-the-second market news. We service clients from around the world, helping them react quickly and confidently to global events.

Our analysts monitor all major newswires, television channels, news websites, blogs and social media platforms for headlines with market-moving potential. We only broadcast the most relevant news headlines and we offer better analysis and insight than any of our competitors.

We broadcast 24 hours a day from London and Singapore, Monday to Friday (except for selected Bank Holidays). The commentary covers all the main asset classes, including equities, fixed income, FX and commodities.


Quipo is an active professional network structured like a company but managed as a community. At its heart is a close-knit group of clients and candidates brought together by its founders across 20 years of delivering complex projects in the world of investment banking.


Enigma is a decentralized secure computation protocol, where “secret nodes” in the network perform computations over encrypted data. Enigma brings privacy to any kind of computation – not just transactions.


Algoriz is an AI that allows you to quickly build, backtest and automate trading strategies based on traditional and alternative sources of data.