We are a Big DataFinancial Engineering and News Analytics company. Our cutting edge algorithms transform unstructured data for financial assets or business topics into time series. We help visualize in an insightful way to reduce time for analysis.

Coming soon on Bloomberg FinSentS Web Application

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  • FinSentS

    Financial News and Sentiment Screener

  • InnoTribe

    InnoTribe semi-finalist

  • Advanced Topics Detection

    Our semantic engines are literally reading the unstructured data for you, extracting tags, topics and events to provide you accurate and rapid insights

  • Advanced Visualization

    Such as TreeMaps where area of each rectangle is proportional to the buzz and the relevance of the news

  • Generate Additional Alpha

    InfoTrie aggregates in real-time information on more than 40k quoted or unquoted stocks, oil & gas, major commodities, currencies, real estate... We can help you generating αlpha.

  • Flexible Sourcing

    We can parse any source: news providers, proprietary feeds, in any language and extract meaning out of it

  • Big Data

    How can you track the humongous amount of information produced everyday? In News, Blogs, Social Media, Proprietary dataset? Is it just noise?

Solutions | Data Providersnews agencies, online brokers, vendors ...

  • Provide news analytics to your customers
  • Sentiment APIs
  • White labeling of our semantic engine

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Solutions | Tradingtraders, asset managers, brokers, hedge funds, and more

News sentiment for Equity, FX, Commodities
Feed your trading algorithms
Sentiment technical indicators


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Solutions | Consulting Comp.business or specialised press

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Up to date information for your staffs and clients
  • Tailor-made solution

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Solutions | Risk and Compliancemarket, credit risk, compliance

  • Comply with regulation
  • Track abnormality in volume/sentiment
  • Real-time alerts and triggers

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Products | Sentiment Indexesstandard or custom

  • Country or Political index
  • Replicate any equity or market index
  • Up to 5 years of history

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Services | Bespokeon demand development

  • Ad hoc and custom development
  • Financial or Semantic Engineering
  • Contact us for more details ...

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