We are a Big Data, Financial Engineering and News Analytics company. Our cutting edge algorithms transform unstructured data for financial assets or business topics into time series. We help visualize in an insightful way to reduce time for analysis.

Financial Search Engine

What We do

Information Portal

FinSentS is a cutting edge information portal powered by Natural Language Processing technology. It is a financial ”Google”: scans millions of sources and offer premium data by analyzing. It helps find what you really need, such as market patterns news, stock analysis data, risk sentiment index.

Data & APIs

I-Feed offers Sentiment data for 50,000 + stocks, Major FX,  commodities or topics/ people, other assets tracked by InfoTrie sentiment engine. Up to 15 years of tick by tick and/ or daily time series can be provided for any index. Historical data can be downloaded on demand.


InfoTrie’s Consulting service combines know-how with social skills, experience in Big Data, Machine Learning, News Analytics, Trading Technology, and Real Time architecture, etc, to provide a fertile ground for stimulating inspiration that will enable you to evolve rapidly, identify new perspectives and technological trends, and quickly experiment.

A Financial Search Engine

Find what others miss. We scan millions of sources in real-time: websites, blogs, social media your private data and processes premium such as Bloomberg, Reuters or Dow Jones. We monitor 50,000 + stocks, topics, people, commodities and other assets.

Discover Investment Opportunities

You do not have time to read everything. You cannot speak all languages. Discover how our sentiment analysis powered by Data Science can help your find new trading and investment opportunities.

Smart Alerting and Filtering

Be alerted in real time when the sentiment or the volume of news for the topics, stocks or assets  you care about are abnormal. Leverage our advanced tagging and relevance filtering to get the search snippets and documents delivered to your inbox. Directly connect our alerts to you risk system or your OMS.

Feed Your Own Data Sources

You have your own data subscriptions? You already have access to internal research, analyst reports? Want to analyze voice or TV? We can help you untangling large amount of unstructured data and transform it into actionable signals.

Data and APIs

Feed your systems or algorithms with our low latency API I-Feed. Get targeted updates in real-time to news, social media, company transcripts, research etc… Access up to 15 years of tick by tick sentiment history for 50,000 + stocks (listed or unlisted), indexes, assets, people, macroeconomic topics.

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